Our vow to protect the future: planting trees with the National Trust

From the moment you say “Yes” to Custard Space,  we’ll plant a tree. The National Trust scheme remains close to our hearts, and we believe that it’s our moral duty to do everything we can to ensure this beautiful planet can thrive.

We Love everything about wood and with this in mind we want to offer sustainability whenever possible, we know that small steps to green living can be the difference between balancing an already fragile ecosystem or suffering the effects of deforestation for many years to come.

The National Trust Aims to Plant 20 Million Trees by 2030.

The Coronavirus pandemic caused many disruptions in our lives, and now we’re moving away from the pandemic; it’s time to look towards the future. But the pandemic also showed us how easy it is to heal the planet. 

Travel restrictions led to carbon emissions drastically decreasing, and wild animals were free to diversify their habitats. A report by the BBC shows that while these changes are positive, returning to everyday life means there could be a surge in carbon emissions. 

Planting more trees is essential if, as a society, we continue to move towards a greener planet. At Custard Space, we can’t change the world, but we guarantee that we’ll do our part and work with The National Trust to plant seeds today for a sustainable tomorrow. 



We’ll always do our best to keep everything local and reduce our carbon footprint when it comes to our supply chain. Our location means we’re lucky enough to work with some great local businesses that supply us. We are passionate about where our wood is sourced from and hence why we want to ensure that we support the natural regrowth of what we use.

Custard Space

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