With considerable expertise in delivering outstanding design and workmanship for interior remodelling of residential and commercial spaces, Custard Space is a trusted name. Be it kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms, our team approaches each project with meticulousness and attentiveness towards maintaining the perfect trade-off between cost considerations, outcome excellence and timely completion.

At Custard Space, we pride ourselves on our expertise when creating bespoke kitchens and bedrooms. Regardless of the size of your living space, we strive to make the most of it through our impeccable design and craftsmanship. We are passionate about bringing a practical and functional solution to your home.

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The meticulous artistry and intricate craftsmanship involved in crafting this culinary haven are truly remarkable. The majestic oak pantry exudes an air of natural elegance and sophistication. It stands as a testament to our unwavering commitment to using only the finest materials available, ensuring both durability and timeless beauty.

Additionally, this kitchen boasts a wealth of features. Carefully thought-out storage solutions provide ample room for all culinary belongings. The smooth gliding drawers effortlessly reveal their contents while maintaining an understated sleekness.

At the centre of it all is our solid oak table. Crafted with painstaking attention to detail, it serves as both a practical workspace during busy cooking sessions and an intimate dining area.


This Elm River Table, with its bench-style seating and storage on either side, exemplifies our passion for crafting unique pieces. This particular table holds a special place in our hearts as we had the opportunity to work with elm wood, known for its captivating beauty and distinct character. Combining this exceptional material with the addition of translucent grey epoxy, we meticulously created a truly one-of-a-kind masterpiece. To further elevate functionality and style, we crafted a bench seating area beneath the table, cleverly integrating storage compartments below and within arm’s reach. Placed in a light-filled dining room, this ensemble instantly becomes a focal point of admiration. Its presence brings charm and sophistication to any home lucky enough to showcase it.


This Dressing Room was meticulously designed to exude elegance and functionality. Standing at an impressive height of nearly 3m, these wardrobes offered abundant space within. The rich walnut interior beautifully contrasted against the sprayed exterior conveys a sense of opulence. Every wardrobe is adorned with LED lighting that gracefully illuminated as the doors swing open. To fully utilise the expansive height, pull down hanging rails were ingeniously incorporated, allowing for efficient storage solutions by creating an additional rail below accompanied by drawers. The inclusion of two corner wardrobes boasted curved hanging rails that provided ample room for displaying full-length garments, while the narrow units were ingeniously repurposed into shoe storage through tall open-sided drawer boxes. A central island with a solid cherry surround tailored to harmonise flawlessly with pre-existing bedroom furniture.


We had the distinct pleasure of crafting an exquisite and captivating bar room, meticulously handcrafted in our very own workshop. The focal point is undoubtedly the breathtaking bar itself, adorned with a chunky solid walnut top fashioned from four full stave planks. Its rich tones and natural beauty effortlessly draw attention to the space while exuding warmth and sophistication. Complementing this striking feature are meticulously crafted walnut cupboards and doors, their elegant design seamlessly blending functionality with aesthetics. Each door has been painstakingly inlayed with solid brass detailing - a touch that adds an air of opulence and timeless appeal. Adding an unexpected element of luxury is the incorporation of shagreen leather on the front and sides of the bar, discreetly backlit with continuous LED strip lighting to create a mesmerising ambiance. And when it comes to comfort, we spared no detail - the addition of a brass footrest invites you to relax and indulge in pure indulgence. For the back bar wall we used a special 3D resin base material expertly textured to create an intricate pattern - we then carefully sprayed it with a pure brass metal coating. 

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